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It’s been a long time I last use a normal phone. Someone please remind me the space button is the hex key. I kept forgetting it. *Urgh* I need to get use to this new phone. Had finish updating my cell group contacts, now left with my ministry contacts, which is even harder. Maybe I just update the team ICs can already. Went to play with the camera functions. I love the mosaic function. Creating new photos. Will post some of them soon.

While on my way to work, I saw a cat on top of a ongoing taxi. Almost thought it is a real cat. *Laughs* Not sure what is the advertisement is about.

The worst blog host ever to me in Taiwan should be Blog Sina. Cos I always get into error page. Sun and Jolin (蔡依林) changed it to other blog host. I like their themes, but hate visiting it as it always gives me the error message that tells me that there is no such address. I hate it when it happens. I have no problem with Wretch. Which is good.

Boy, I’m so jealous. If only I can have it.

I hate being sick. Spending the whole day trying to clear my nose. *Urgh*



The song sang in Invisible Target kept coming into my mind. Below is the movie trailer.

Not really much today. Just another boring post. *Laughs* Late in the afternoon, I realised that I’m having a flu. *Duh* I hate blocked nose and running nose. And my nose is already look like a clown. *Darn* I ask the HR to excuse me from today’s sport events. And I’m excused. Great! I think I will just buy the phone after work, and go straight home and rest. Won’t be online tonight.

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Dear all,

I got by surprised! It was a great surprise. Met quite a few friends in Now I’m able to find read more blogs instead of using the search engines.

Size: Not so big and not so small
Font: Any size you want as long as it is presentable, readable
Font Colour: Able to read
Phrase: Meet XXX. He/She just got Pinged. Have you


Don’t You Push It

I hate it. I hate it when they do wrong, and they push the blame to me. What is this? Am I a easy person to be push of? I did told them before-hand before things goes wrong. And they push it to me saying that I did not tell them or “you didn’t tell me”, etc. I’m not a pushover, okay. I’m sick of it. And by the way invoices that are under COD, please send to the billing department for billing immediately for us to bill the customers immediately.

I’m still thinking of buying Samsung SGH-E250. Should I just get it? It almost have all the functions that I want. Except for MP3 ringtone. I think I just go to Vivo and buy it. Will be connecting it after receiving my handphone bill. Which will be August 7.



My Art Gallery

Water Droplets 001 Water Droplets 002 Water Droplets 003 Water Droplets 004

Water Droplets 005 Water Droplets 006

This photos are taken before I went for my ministry yesterday. Since I still have time, I hit the ladies. Little did I know, the tap’s washer is spoilt and it makes the tap unable to close properly. I take this “bad” advantage and snapped a few photos of it. Finally managed to capture some great photos of it. I’m so please of myself. It’s hard to take photo of water droplets. Those are not on the floor or windows. This droplets are falling down from where they come from. To capture droplets at mid-air, is hard for me. I had tried to take photos of water droplets if you had seen my previous attempts you know that I failed the other time. There are two photos that are almost succeed. Below are the two photos that I tried the other time at Sentosa’s Melion Walk.

Water Art 011 Water Art 010

I will be watching Invisible Target today as planned. Should I go Sentosa after the movie? If watch it at Vivo, it will be at 3.50pm. If I watched it at Shaw, it have earlier slots. It will be either 12.15pm or 2.45pm. Which one to choose? If I choose to watch it at Shaw, I don’t have time to go to Sentosa. And Jurong Entertainment do not have anything for me to do some window shopping. I decided to watched it at Vivo. So that I can do some window shopping after the movie. The movie should ends around 6.00pm. I will be going to Sentosa first before going for the movie. May took more photos of it.

Just as I want about to pack my things to get ready to go out, it rains!! *Urgh* I have to postpone everything behind and stay at home! Or I just wait after 1pm and see how. In the meantime I’m watching service via website.

I love Corgi. They are so cute. I love their short legs. The first impression of looking at the dog, I always looks at their little legs.

I really need to get a phone by August 14. I want a phone that have either Bluetooth or Irda function and must have notes function. Phones that have notes function that can send to computer via Bluetooth or Irda are Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Latest models for Samsung and Sony Ericsson have this function. For Nokia that have this function, the cheapest is SGD 70.00 (with no warranty even though it is brand new, as it is sold in Orchard, not sure what is the term of the word to explained as it was told by one of the second-hand shop). Samsung cheapest is SGD 238.00 (SGH-E250). Need to do handphone hunting now. Should I buy Samsung SGH-E250? They only left with black, dark purple and red. I don’t like black. And the dark purple is not nice. If I get red, it will be same as KA’s. What I don’t like about the phone is it can’t play the MP3 songs that you download to set as ringtone. Never mind, since not much people calls me, right?

Saw this movie poster before entering the cinema theatre, Jesus Camp. Not sure when showing. While waiting for the movie to start, there is a movie commercial for Underdog. Quite cute.

Invisible Target is similar to Jacky Chan’s New Police Story and a Chinese version of Die Hard. Carson and Chen Chun. No matter how hard they are hurt, they can still stands up and fight.

Evan Almighty

Last night after work, went for cell group meeting. We watch a mini slide show make my Chris O. It says, “Think big, think positively”. I should do that everyday.

Evan Almighty 001 Evan Almighty 002

After the slide show, we watch a movie. Which was unexpected. We watched Evan Almighty. It is similar to Bruce Almighty. In this movie, I learnt that when we obey God’s words, He will provide all the needs to do the things He wanted us to do.

Below is the trailer for the movie.

Went to my doctor appointment in the morning before going to church for my ministry. Will be home after midnight. As scheduled. *Laughs*


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